Beautiful Sock Yarn I Did Not Buy

cookieasockclubspoilerI think I mentioned that the Husband got me into the 2012 Cookie A Sock club. I received the first shipment in February, and I think it’s safe to say that I’m in love. For those not familiar with the club, every other month you get two sock patterns, two cookie recipes, and a skein of yarn. We received the first shipment in February, so the next one will be in April.

I have to back up here a bit. My friend, Yarnkettle, decided to try a smaller sock yarn club. Hers lasts for three months and I think only sends yarn. For two months I watched as she blogged about the yarns she received–both extremely beautiful. At our February knitting group, right before I was to receive my yarn she asked me a question. One that would freak me out and make me panic until I received my shipment. At least I think it was at group, it may have been earlier. What? I have old-lady brain!

Yarnkettle asked if I was worried about getting a color I didn’t like.

Or at least it was something like that. Again, old-lady brain. It may have been what color would I hate to get.

Up until then, I wasn’t worried about the yarn. I figured I’d love anything I got and really, I kind of like all colors. But it got me thinking and I got worried. My shipment wasn’t here yet. Enter minor freak out. Why am I freaking out about yarn? Because I can. What if it was…um…and that’s the thing. I can’t think of anything I would out and out hate. I’m sure it’s out there and I know I’ve seen it sitting on yarn store shelves, but I can’t think of it. Yet I was worried about it.

Needless to say, I didn’t need to be worried.


I don't think this photo quite does the red justice.

It is beautiful, and it came with a little project bag! The yarn is Richness of Martens Fingering
by Alisha Goes Around. It’s 4 ply fingering and 75% Merino, 15% Cashmere, and 10% Silk. It’s like petting heaven covered in fur.


Bag, card, and yarn.

I should take that as a life lesson to stop worrying. Yeah, because that will happen. Not only do I love the yarn, but I like the cookie recipes which are fortune cookies and flourless fiery chocolate cookies which will be made for knitting. Hopefully. I’ve started one of the sock patterns with a different yarn, and I’ve cast on a cowl with the sock yarn sent because as much as I’d love the yarn on my feet, I’d like it more around my neck. Of course this means I’m back to my ADD ways and working on 3 projects. Fun, fun, fun.

The sock I started is Makoto. The easier of the two patterns. I’m making it with Socks that Rock I picked up at Rhinebeck the last time I went. I have to admit, Makoto was not my favorite of the two patterns, but the more I looked at it, the more I liked it. I’m almost done with the first sock and will hopefully finish before the end of the month. Except, I’m not sure what day it is.

Progress on Makoto

It's little fortune cookies!


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Sock Yarn I Did Not Buy

  1. OK that is it no more questions, I had no idea it would cause you stress.
    That red is beautiful. While I have a pair of wonderful socks that have cashmere in them I also have a special skein that I’m holding back for a cowl too.
    Your Makoto sock are quite groovy.

  2. I totally get your concern as my surprise yarn of the month club is being shipped out today and I’m worried it’s going to be something I’m allergic to, ie: cashmere. Not worried about color too much but I’ve made a deal with Abookchick just in case…

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