Vegetarians Have It Rough

After receiving 5 calls from Southwest on Sunday telling me how my Los Vegas to LA flight was suffering from multiple personalities, or something, I arrived safely in LA. The first call said my 7:30 flight was now 8. After landing in Los Vegas I had two messages where the first call said the flight was back to 7:30 and the second said 8:00. The people at the gate said the fight would leave shortly after 7:30, but we were moving down the hall. Sadly we got on the flight and then had to wait until 8:15 before we had approval to leave. Fortunately, the flight was uneventful, albeit confused about itself.

The conference has been okay. After 3 sessions on the first day that seemed to be different topics but ended up covering the same thing, I decided to bag the day and walk across the street to Universal Studios City Walk. I think that should really be called Universal Studios in Your Face with Touristy Crap and Tacky Chain Restaurants. Okay, maybe one or two restaurants weren’t tacky, but still. It’s fair to say, it’s not my thing although the walk was nice and I plan to go to a crepe place on the walk to pick up dinner to get out of the hotel. I’m not sure what else is around and being a small-town girl in an unfamiliar place near sunset, I don’t generally go a-walking. That’s the fun of being a girl. At least the girl in my head.

Speaking of the crazy in my head. I decided to do a social experiment while I’m away. Well, I’m not sure if it’s really a social experiment, really, but let’s call it that, shall we? I decided to try being completely vegetarian on my trip. You would think that would be pretty easy to do in LA. You would be wrong. At least where I am so far. And can I say that it sucks trying to eat Vegetarian?!? Every place has one veggie-friendly option if I’m lucky. The hotel restaurant? In LA? None. None! I had to ask to have something modified. Crazy. What’s with that, LA hotel?

I did cheat this morning and ordered the Japanese breakfast with fish, but how often do I get to order a Japanese breakfast. It was yummy by the way. We’ll see how well I do the rest of the week. Especially if something looks yummy.


Hey, Mommy! If I learn how to use a computer, can I go to the next conference?


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