Welcome to March

I’m sitting in the airport on my way to a conference on the west coast. I, of course, don’t want to be here, but at least drop off went really well. OP was way more interested in the escalator than saying good bye to Mommy. I’ll take that over tears from both of us. Unfortunately, my connection in Las Vegas has been pushed back. I have to go see if I can do something else for my trip.

I know I’ve been very quiet around here. February was an extremely tough month and I had very little down time. The only positive of the month is it went by really, really fast. A lot of my goals went out the window as I struggled to keep up with everything else, but it’s a new day and I will get back on track.

So what’s been going on around here?

Knitting Stuff

I’m getting ADD, again. I have 3 projects on the needles and one that I’m planning to start shortly. I blame the Cookie A. Sock Club. Our first yarn was so lovely and I liked the sock patterns that I just had to begin more projects. Plus I need a break from the Husband’s scarf. The scarf is going well, it’s just repetitive. I have not bought yarn yet this year (go me!), and I’m hoping to have some skeins out by the end of March (we’ll see).


Exercise has so gone out the window. I’m working through lunch and then coming home to work on both work-work and labs. My plan is to run every day I’m away this week, even if it’s excruciatingly slow to try to jump start the process. I also signed up for a half marathon in October. I’m not sure I will end up doing it, it all depends on how my knees take to training, but I’m going to reach for it. And yes, I have gone crazy.

Other Stuff

Um…..I have no idea. Is that just sad? OP is doing really well. She’s happy and active. We’re a bit sick of the tantrums and meltdowns, but that’s just the joys of a toddler. She did start a big girl bed and has been doing extremely well with it. We’ve laid down ground rules, mainly she cannot leave the bed until Mommy or Daddy get her in the morning, and she has followed it beautifully. She’s so excited by the bed that OP will run upstairs to get in it for bed time. Yes, she’s very odd.


Big girl bed, big girl schmed. I just want a car already.



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