Closing Out the Month

Okay, it’s cliché, but I can’t believe January is almost over. Let’s check in on my goals for the month. Grab  your pillow and get comfortable, because there’s a very good chance you will fall asleep.

Goal 1: Yarn

I have not bought any yarn this month. I bought accoutrements, but no yarn. Okay, that’s not 100% true. I bought yarn for Yarnkettle from knit picks so my order would get free shipping. The yarn stayed in the box, hidden with my knitting books, and then went directly to Yarnkettle where she paid me for the yarn. Wow, when I read that back, that seems extreme–I mean, it sounds like I hid the box lest I gaze upon the yarny goodness and run out to buy more, more, more! Really I was simply trying to get it out of the way. No, really.

I finished Skew, but sadly that yarn was never put in my stash so stash busting for the month is at 0. I am almost done with a full skein of both colors for the Husband’s scarf so maybe by the end of the evening I’ll be onto another skein. Sadly, that doesn’t remove stash items from Ravelry because there’s a couple more skeins of that yarn left.

I do think I need a secondary project since the scarf requires so much focus and I’m going to need some breaks. I’m thinking either a felted purse, a cowl, or a shawlette. Oh, maybe all 3! Apparently, I’m starting to revert back to an ADHD knitter. What are your favorite patterns for those items?

Goal 2: Exercise Consistently

I started off very good this month, hitting the gym 5-6 days a week which is what I want. Then I got sick and exercised like 3 times in 2 weeks. However, I’m very happy with my exercise overall for 2012. Sometimes illness gets in the way and you just need to stop and rest. It doesn’t make you a bad person nor does it make you lazy, worthless, or *insert the word you use in your head here (you know the word you use when you miss a goal)* I did not feel guilty for missing most of the two weeks and you shouldn’t either if it happens to you. We  simply pick ourselves back up and start again. No harm no foul. February will be better. Heck, today will be better and that’s the most important day.

Wow, I must be tired because that was all sugary and cheerleader-y. Rah rah!

Goal 3: Post at least once a week

I met this one, hopefully to my lovely readers’ delight. I even got multiple entries in a week. Woo-hoo! I think of the 3 goals, this is the hardest. I’m a rather dull person and slow knitter, so there’s not too much to write about. In an effort to start building content, ask me something you want to know. It can be knitting-related or life-related. I don’t promise to answer every question, but I’ll answer some. Hopefully. Either leave a comment or ask at Formspring.

So that’s it for January! Not a bad month. Send me your questions and any patterns you recommend. If you don’t, then I may have to buy yarn just so I have something to write about and then it’ll be all angsty with the “why did I buy yarn!” and I’ll have to write bad poetry or something and you will regret it.


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