Health and Classes

What a week we’ve had. We’ve all been fighting this cold/illness/evil bug of doom for over a week and it decided to kick us while we were all down. On Tuesday, I took OP with me to the walk-in clinic for pink eye. Does my daughter have pink eye? Thankfully, no. Yet somehow Mommy has pink eye, but OP’s eyes are perfect. I have no idea how she missed it and how I got it if not from her.

On Wednesday, OP was sent home with fever. The Husband took her to the regular doctor and she has a sinus infection. Thursday, the Husband went to the walk-in clinic and came home with a diagnosis of sinus infection. Everyone’s on some sort of drug and everyone is tired of being sick. The Husband and OP are getting noticeably better. I, on the other hand, no longer have a pink eye. I’m feeling better overall, but not as well as the rest of my antibiotic-filled family.

I have snot!

I have snot!

On top of all the illness, this was my first week of my class. I was a little nervous before hand. First, as we all know from my non-graded, knitting class I NEED AN A. Second, I’m feeling the old. I’m only 35, but I’m almost twice the age of the freshmen. For those who don’t have a calculator, half of 35 is 17.5. Freshmen are 18. I’m old.

The first day of class was…frustrating. The professor is an expert in his field and I’ve heard he’s very good, but he’s the type of teacher who should be teaching barefoot, sporting love beads, and playing bongo drums. I’d say he would be smoking, but it is an exercise science class. The first class was devoted to the professor learning all 45 students’ names and having random conversations about something everyone said. My little inner Baljeet died a bit inside.

The second class was much better, although, again he was missing the bongo drums. Class covered an intro to what Exercise Science is and progressed into homeostasis, steady state, and inner control systems. I learned a lot. Thankfully I read the assigned chapters before class (go inner Baljeet!) because the book content was rushed over thanks to the intro and some outside conversations about health. Of course, the best part were the outside conversations.

So far I like the class, although we haven’t really gotten into the knitty gritty of it yet. There was no lab this week, so I’m sure I’ll be nervous next week before lab. I think I have to wear exercise clothing for lab. Oy. Hopefully I can exercise without hacking up a lung next week or I really will feel old.

Making snow angels on the floor

Look, I'm mommy after a slow walk. Sick makes mommy's exercise funny.



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