FO: Heart Hat and Warmers

Hat Pattern: My Own
Handwarmers: Sucky Thumb Mitts
Yarn: Knitpicks Shine Sport
Needles: I don’t remember. AUGH!!!!


She seemed to like the handwarmers overall

Yes, it’s another hat and handwarmer set, but I have both a niece and nephew. They must each get something to fight off jealousy. Granted, both are 1+ but still.


As soon as the hat went on, it came off.

Since I need practice working with 2 colors, I decided to make the hat my practice piece. My original intent was less hearts and a bit more background color, but it had a mind of it’s own. I like it a lot even with the changes. I am hoping to make a pattern for this hat, but I will make it a little more like what was in my head.

She wouldn't leave the hat on.

A bit too long on top.

There are a few things that I wish I had done differently. The hat is too long. I’ve been thinking about slouchy hats lately, and I sort of knit it with that in mind. I’m just not sure it worked well in this style with this yarn. Of course she didn’t keep the hat on long enough to make sure so I have no idea. Other pictures it looks less pointy.


Less pointy and back seam

I do love the hat, though. A lot. It’s so cute and was a TON of fun to knit. I may become addicted to two-color knitting. Of course, ask me when I finish the Husband’s scarf.



I love the handwamers. It’s the usual pattern and I had no major issues. I think they turned out well and she seemed to like them. At least they stayed on for about 5 minutes–with a one-year-old, I consider that good. Plus, I used up 2 items in my stash! Take that, stash! I will get you down to a reasonable amount yet!


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