Goal Check: Week 1

I’ve decided to add a third goal to my 2012 list. For those who have no memory or just skim what I write (because really, I do go on, don’t I?), my goals for 2012 are more consistent exercise (because I was less than stellar) and basically stash bust this year (get through the yarn I own and don’t buy yarn unless I have a project in mind).

After reading that paragraph, one might think my third goal should be to use less parenthesis, but it’s actually to try to post at least once a week in my blog. I tend to be very inconsistent. I’ll have tons to say, but then go quiet for months. That’s no way to treat my blog. It’s like I’m only interested in it when I have no one else to write on. There’s a word for that, but I can’t remember it and am too tired to look it up.

While I’m on goals, let’s run a highlight on how I’m doing with my 2012 goals. This probably won’t be a weekly post. Although it would help fulfill my newest addition, I suspect it would generally be more boring than not.

Goal 1: Less Yarn!!!!

I’ve been knitting away on my Skew socks and the Husband’s scarf. I have finished cataloging every usable yarn in my stash. That is, everything not in my bag of “What the Heck is This and Why do I have Only 3 Yards of it” yarn that I’m afraid to throw out, but don’t know if it’s worth keeping. When I started cataloging, I had 70 items. I’m now at 67. I’m getting there, right? I do have a lot of yarn, but to be fair about 14 items were gifts and at least 20 are project leftovers. That’s over half!!! Why yes, I am rationalizing.

Goal 2: More Consistent Exercise

6 of 7 days with workouts. I struggled with a few because I’ve been feeling like crap, but, unlike last year, I made myself go. Yay!! I also started a profile at active.com to track my workouts. I just need to do something so I can give myself accountability when I my back hurts or I’m tired or I have too much work to do whine whine whine.

Goal 3: Blog at least once a week



Goal kiss!


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