Christmas Memories

In a Jewish household, Christmas can be the most boring day of the year. Everyone is busy and pretty much nothing is open. Growing up the day was sometimes spent volunteering at one of the churches to serve Christmas dinner to locals who had nowhere else to go. I miss volunteering like that, although I don’t miss everyone in town knowing who I was. When your Dad worked in one social service area and your Mom the other, everyone at that dinner knew the Sister and I.

Other years, Christmas days included watching a Muppet Christmas Carol. Why, you ask? Well, for one thing, it’s the Muppets. For another, it’s a good movie. I introduced it to OP a few weeks ago. She seemed to like it, but the ghost of Christmas yet to come scared her. We skipped those scenes.

No matter what we did though, our Christmas Day ended with corned beef and cabbage and Daddy’s Chocolate Cake for dessert. My Dad’s birthday was December 25, and in our family the birthday person got to pick dinner. Even when I’m 103, I will still think about corned beef and cabbage on that day.

When I met the Husband, he introduced me to “Jewish Christmas,” which is his family’s tradition of going out to the movies and eating Chinese for dinner. It’s a lot of fun. We did that a few times with his parents. Last year, I was on a plane to Austin to help my sister with her new baby boy. The year before that, I was home with 4-day-old baby girl and a sliced abdomen.

While I have whiled the hours away on Dec 25 in so many different ways, every way was with family or friends. I hope, dear readers, no matter how you spend or celebrate the day that you are with those you love and cherish. I wish you a happy day and happy thoughts that your year to come will be a good one. To my Dad, I wish you Happy Birthday wherever you are.

Dad and his girls

Dad and his girls (I'm the one who looks like a boy)

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