Help! I’m Surrounded By Projects!

I am a one project kind of gal. I wasn’t always that way. When I started out knitting I’d have two or three projects going, but with multiple projects going, I never seemed to finish anything. Eventually, they’d get done but with my time split among projects it always felt that I wasn’t getting anywhere.

A few years back I decided to stick to one project at a time. Of course, sometimes I would work two projects. For example, a project would end up in time out and I’d move to something else for a break, or I’d go on vacation and didn’t want to bring the intricate piece I was working on in case I lost it so I’d start socks. For the most part, however, I focused on a single project.

Comparing the two phases of my knitting “career,” I think I’ve been happier focusing on one project at a time. I do admit being jealous of my friends who would have 3 or even 5 projects going on at a time. From the outside they looked so prolific!

Recently I’ve begun to regress. I’m working on 3 projects. 4 if you count the hand warmers I have yet to weave in ends for. I have the handwarmers, a hat, the Husband’s scarf, AND Skew is back out of the naughty bag. I’m stressed. I have too much on my plate and I’m not able to focus as well. I need to get them all done ASAP, but I only have two hands. (Why couldn’t humans have been built with more hands!!!) I need a plan so I can stop feeling overwhelmed and focus. I will weave in the ends of the hand warmers and then focus on the hat. Maybe I can get the hat finished by Friday. Once they are done, I’m only down to 2 items. I want to get the Husband’s scarf done ASAP, and with the addition practice I’ve put in knitting with two colors I’m feeling confident. But I also really want to get Skew done before the new year. I do need to get that scarf so the Husband can wear it while it’s still cold. Argh!

Maybe it’s time for extra knitting sessions with the girls and OP can live at Grandma and Grandpa’s for a couple weeks?


Um, I would like that very much. Grandpa let's me do anything I want.


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