Updates of Various Kinds

First a weekend update. I did not run the race on Saturday. We ran errands all day and I just crashed. I blame the Husband because he said if you don’t physically feel up to it, you shouldn’t do it. Had he got all Jillian on me, I’d have made myself go and probably gotten sick, but I would have felt accomplished. I’ll try again next year.

A few posts back, I mentioned some exciting things in the Kis*knit household. While I wish I could report that I just knit 10 skeins of yarn in the last week and am now in the 40s, alas that is not the case. However, a couple other interesting things are happening.

The first of the two is sort of lame, but it’s a first step. I wanted to start getting my photography out locally. I’m an amateur photographer, but it’s something I enjoy and like to think I’m good at. I did a bad job building my portfolio past what I have, but I did get into a juried show at my local YMCA. It’s not a huge deal as I suspect they just let everyone in, but it’s up.  Also, the sheet I picked up said it was a holiday themed, but apparently not all the sheets said that so it’s not a photo that I would have normally picked. It’s a start. Hopefully next year I can focus on it more. Of course the second item may make this difficult.

I’ve been thinking about my career options. I’m currently a web programmer, but were I to switch jobs, I don’t think I would want to continue that path. I’m just getting burnt out. So, since I work at a college, I decided to start taking classes to see if Exercise Science or something equivalent is what I want to do. If it is, I will be going for my masters in the subject. I have narrowed down the focus a bit to either the exercise/nutrition/psychology link in weight loss or how to combat joint stiffening as we age–possibly including joint problems, RA, and other ailments along with aging. It’s a lot to think about and I’m worried that at 35, I’m just too old and too busy with a full-time job and kid to pursue it.  We’ll see. It may be the best thing yet. I’m hoping to talk a bit about what I learn in the intro class next semester, if my lovely readers are interested.


2 thoughts on “Updates of Various Kinds

  1. Congratulations on the photography show! I think your areas of interest are fascinating in Exercise Science. I am particularly interested in the joint problems because I have RA. It’s never too late to make a career change, it may not be as fast as if you had no other responsibilities except go to school but it can be done. Good luck!

    • Thanks. I think I needed to hear that. I have a co-worker with RA who teaches Tai Chi to people with arthritis and she says it has helped her immensely. It makes me wonder what else can be done to help without medication.

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