FO: Fingerless Gloves

Pattern: Knucks
Yarn: Knit Picks Gloss Fingering
Needles: US 2


Don't my hands look so warm?

I have been wanting gloves like these forever. Well, maybe not forever, but for the last couple years. I just love the idea of them. In an effort to clear out my stash, I decided that this was the winter I would have fingerless gloves.

The pattern was pretty easy, although I misread the directions to attach the thumb and did it backwards. That said, my screw up still worked out fine–I just had to make sure I repeated said screw up for the second glove. The pattern has you make the fingers first and then work from the fingers to the wrist. I”m not sure I like this method, but I’ve never made gloves the other way so this may be better. I’ll let you know if I ever make them from the wrist up.


That's what you'll see if you shake my hand.

I love this yarn. It is soft and reasonably warm. My only complaint is that it is pilling a bit faster than I’d like, but then again, I’ve been wearing them constantly.

Normally when I knit something, I like it but there are a couple flaws that I really wish there was something I did differently and that’s all I see in the piece. Not this one. I don’t know if I’m growing as a person (ha!) or if that sweater class last February improved my knitting, but I’m happy with every part. I don’t see the mistakes, but rather see the good. I hope more of my projects go like this.


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