I Am Very Old

One night down, four to go. Overall the conference was very informative today with only one panel a waste of time. A few were not what I hoped, but at least I got something out of them. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as good. I’m just ready for it to be over, it’s tiring being nice to people.

Which may be why I was ready to bail on the evenings festivities at 8. I am indeed that old. Of course it could have been the drink I had at dinner. It was a called a Pineapple Bash or Burst or something. Either way it was tiny but good. All the Dresden fans know I wanted to say fierce right there.

On the plus side the bouncers at the bar claimed that I looked much younger than I am. They had to card me and since I didn’t want to pull out my wallet I commented that I must look old enough to not have to pull it out. Sadly, the wallet had to come out. At least I got a wow when he saw my age. The male bouncer thought I was 24, the chick guessed 27. They probably tell everyone that the drinks ounce to raise morale and profits.

I think it’s time for sleep and then a run in the morning. At some point I need to figure out the panels for tomorrow. Have a good night!


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