And Away We Go

Here I am, sitting at a gate, waiting for my flight to arrive. I’ll be spending the next few hours flying to a work conference and extremely short visit with the sister. I don’t want to go. No offense to the Sister, but I want to be with my baby girl and the Husband, not here and then there. At least I get to fly home on Friday.

Wow, I sound so pathetic, don’t I? Okay, I’m going to stop wallowing in self pity,try to forget my and OP’s tears, enjoy my smoothie, and knit. It’s only 5 nights and then I’ll be home.


2 thoughts on “And Away We Go

  1. You are strong! Only the strong can admit weakness. Here is hoping you’re home before you even know it. Plus OP gets to figure out how Mommy got to be in the computer where RoRo and LoLo live.

  2. :( I want to cry for you, but at least you DO get to see your sister!!!

    ps. Grace just read this post. When did my baby get to be such a good reader? Guess I better watch what I read around her, now!!

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