Are you a process or a product knitter?

From my understanding, a process knitter is one who enjoys the process of creating a finished piece more than actually finishing the piece; whereas a product knitter wants the finished product more than chocolate-covered, deep fried awesome. I read on a blog somewhere while researching this question (sorry, I don’t have the link) that if stranded on an island with a couple skein of yarn, the process knitter will knit something only to frog it and knit something else, while the project knitter will knit the project and wear it. I have to say that’s a load of crap right there. Were I stranded on a deserted island, you better believe that I will be knitting with vines, ape hair, Dahrma yarn, and anything els I can get my hands on.

Given the choice of one or the other, I’d have to say I was a project knitter. I damn well want something after putting the time in to create it. Not that I’m waisting my time by not finishing the project, but I want something tangible that I can look at that reminds me of what I learned and the random moments of knitting that piece. And, if I’m honest part of me does feel like it’s a waste of time and money not to finish most of the projects I start.

As I said given the choice of one or the other, I’m a project knitter, but I think it’s naive to say you can be only one. *Insert highlander joke here, I’ll wait* I’m definitely both a project and process knitter because as much as I want to finish my projects, I love making the project, picking the yarn, and learning new techniques as I go. So now, dear readers, it’s your turn. Are you a project or process knitter? Or both?

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2 thoughts on “Are you a process or a product knitter?

  1. I think you know what I am. Project all the way baby. But I agree with the assessment of the island metaphor being a load of crap. I will do what I need to do, to hell with defining myself on an island.
    Oh and pass the new techniques please.

  2. I am project, definitely, for the same reasons you say, but I would also say I’m process because I just like the “feel” of knitting, even simple scarves or whatever. Sometimes I just want to make my hands move that way.

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