Yarn count update

I’ve been slowly going through my yarn stash and wow I have a lot of yarn. And looking at the photos so far, doesn’t it seem like it’s all the same color? I need to change that up.

After the first week of cataloging, I had 28 items in my stash with at least that much to go. I am now down to 26 with at least 28 to go!

Oh, maybe now is not the time to mention that I bought yarn from my LYS for the Husband’s scarf. Ugh. That purchase will bring me back to 28 items. At least it’s not 30?

I was sort of lying when I reported that I only bought 2 items for 3 projects at the yarn fest a few weeks back. I mean, I did by 2 items, but I didn’t have 3 projects. I had 2 projects and one of the yarns I bought was a gift for my MIL. This yarn to be precise.


It’s pretty, no? It’s soft, too. Alas, it is not mine.

While I cataloged my stash, I rediscovered some Lamb’s Pride in a silver/gray that was left over from my Felted Asymmetrical Fibonacci bag and decided it would make a perfect donation hat for people affected by the flooding, which it does.


I’m 99% done with the hat, but I need to decide if it’s too long or just right before I weave in ends. I had been toying with the idea of revamping the pattern for Marcie’s Hat and finally getting it up on Ravelry for a while. I LOVED the look of that hat, but it just didn’t work once I had made it. The hat grew with use and was simply not warm enough. So, pretty, but not as functional as I’d like. I’ve reworked the hat with the same style, but with the Lambs pride, double-stranding, and a different cast off. Hopefully it will work out better. If anyone wants to be a tester for the hat, let me know.

I need to get back to cataloging. It’s actually been sort of liberating to see what I have left. The biggest question is what to do with the odds and ends that I find. You know the yarn, it’s the leftover from a project and is not even half a skein but you just can’t seem to bring yourself to throw it out because you could use it someday in a project that uses all that random yarn! What do you do with your odds and ends?

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