Farm Fest

I live in a town surrounded by a lot of farms and one weekend every year is devoted to Farm Fest, where farms open their grounds up for visitors, demos, shopping frenzies, etc. I guess it’s a way to let us town folk know about our local farming treasures and to get people to these places and start spending money. Last year we went to a mosquito farm claiming it was a sheep farm and two apple orchards. This year we just went to the the apple orchards with friends.


The first orchard had a sign listing only two types of apples you can pick and neither were the type I like so we skipped apple-picking there. We did, however, go on a hayride. Not OP’s first hayride since she went on it last year, but the best one yet. She really seemed to liked it. I suspect part of it was being in a moving vehicle without a car seat. That’s how the crazy babies live it up.


OP also loved the cider donut machine. She didn’t get to have any donuts, but she loved yelling, “Here it comes!” when the donut made it’s way to the top of the conveyor and then fell to the next part.

The second apple orchard is where we picked apples. Honey crisps to be exact. She loved it, especially the part where she got to taste apples and ride on Daddy’s shoulders.


Sadly, OP fell asleep after picking apples so we hung out while our friends’ daughter rode a horse.

Too much apple picking, apparently.

We picked up some cider donuts, which OP did not get to try, and went home exhausted. It was a really nice day and I recommend if your area does similar to check it out. I want to try to make it back out sometime before the end of the season, but we’ll have to see how crazy life is.



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