Yarn Fest & Bets On My Stash

We went to a local Yarn Festival this weekend. Okay, so technically it’s a Fiber Festival, but since I didn’t care about the other fibers, it’s a yarn festival. It was a lot of fun. Sorry no pictures of the actual day as I was too involved with yarn. The Husband came as payback for all the races I have attended and to act as my sane voice. If you put a recovering yarn addict in the middle of a yarn festival, someone will get hurt. The Husband was there to keep me on my purchase list and not buy every yarn that made my heart flutter. Plus he got to have a cider donut and coffee as payment. Not a bad day for him, I think.

OP seemed to have fun. She got to see sheep and bunnies in their pens, and she watched as sheep dogs demonstrated, through the commands of their owners of course, how to herd sheep. OP was fascinated. Plus she got to eat her first-ever cider donut (with a sippy cup of apple cider–another first) and LOVED it.

I love fall in the North East for the cider donuts alone.

As we all know, I established rules for yarn buying this year to help my yarn addiction recovery–no buying yarn unless it’s for a project OR at a yarn festival with specific projects in mind. I’m happy to report that I did very well this weekend!

The last time I bought yarn was in January  for my Central Park Hoodie (go me!) and have spent the rest of the year slowly, slowly, slowly knitting through stash-busting projects. I’m frustrated on my speed, but that’s probably another entry for anther day. With the yarn festival and how slow I’ve been knitting, I knew I had to really limit my yarn shopping. I went armed with a list of 3 project concepts I have planned and only bought yarn only for two of the projects.


Into The Whirled - Pakokku Sock

I did give myself the option of buying a bonus skein of really pretty yarn if I found it. Even the Husband, my voice of reason, agreed I could. Oddly enough, I didn’t buy any random yarn. I know, I’m just as shocked as you are. Is an apocalypse brewing?


Buckwheat Bridge Angoras - Very Special Yarn

I suspect part of my self-control was due to that list. I was only looking for my three items and if the yarn didn’t fit what I wanted, then I just didn’t focus on it. Removing the organic, “Oh shiny!” part of yarn shopping wasn’t as much fun and I don’t know if I got to fully appreciate everything that was there, but I also didn’t leave with yarn I didn’t need and a mountain of regret. And that felt good.

The other part of my self-control was due to my friend, Ezra711, who a few days before, photographed her entire stash to know what she already had. I had been thinking about doing that for a while as an exercise in accountability, but seeing someone else do it made me feel less crazy. To be fair, it’s not crazy to be organized. At least that’s what the voices tell me. I didn’t photograph anything before the yarn fest, but it did make me start mentally cataloging what I have. I have a lot.

I’m happy to report that last night I began photographing my stash and adding it to Flickr and Ravelry, although Flickr will not have the specifics only Ravelry will. It’s going to be a long process. Anything that starts with, “Holy crap that’s a $@^%-load of yarn.” is going to be a long process, but I also have to be careful of when and how I go through the yarn. I have a kid who’s favorite pastime is to take the “pretty yarn,” run through the house, and eventually wind herself into the ball. I need to avoid that. So I’m limited in the when and the how of the cataloging. So far I’ve cataloged only 7 items–that’s types of yarn not individual skeins. Looking at the chest of yarn, I suspect I have at least 40 more to go. Now’s the time to get your bets in. How many items do you think I’ll have when I’m done cataloging?

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