Ever See a Ferret On Sugar, Caffeine, and Speed?

My first thought when I read the recipe for Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Cookies was pretty close to revulsion. I mean, really? Oreos and chocolate chip cookies together in an unholy union of gooey goodness and dunkable deliciousness? Isn’t that type of coupling illegal in most states? But then, I became intrigued by the sin of joining these two cookies and after discussing the recipe with the Husband, who thought that cookie sounded good (liberal heathen), I decided it was too interesting to pass up.

Tonight I decided to make them. I’m so going to Hell.

Look how tiny that Oreo in the sea of giant cookies.

Look how tiny that Oreo is compared to all the evil.

It’s a relatively easy recipe to make, and the chocolate cookie recipe on it’s own is yummy. Together the two cookies are very good. It would have been even better had I used Double Stuff Oreos and less chocolate chips, not something I would normally say because really the cookie is just the mechanism to get the chips to your mouth not the other way around. The cookies are huge–it’s like eating three cookies at once–and after I ate the smallest one I could find I felt my heart start pounding, my hands shake, and I was overcome by a need to run a marathon right now this instant before the sugar runs out!!!!

Tiny Oreo. BIG cookies.

Run little Oreo! The monsters are going to eat you!

Will I make these again? Heck, yeah. But with Double Stuff Oreos and less chocolate chips. Will I sleep tonight? One can hope so assuming the sugar runs out. Of course I may crash so hard I sleep for days.


Plus I got to use the new Irish potholders I bought at the Scottish games.



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