Tales of OP

iPhone-213I like to think I don’t drive you batty only writing about my child. I mean, I do write about her, but not every post so you can’t be that sick of her. Yet. Over the past few months, OP has grown by leaps and bounds and I thought I’d share a few stories.

I give you Tales of OP!

(Since I’m writing this, they are pretty much our conversations and not Daddy’s conversations with her. He can always send me some for an update).

Setting: OP sitting on Mommy’s lap drinking water from Mommy’s water bottle.

Mommy (to Daddy): I’m thirsty. I need to go get a drink.
OP (pushing the water bottle into Mommy’s mouth): Water, Mommy.

Setting: Mommy and OP go upstairs to get OP dressed. OP detours to master bedroom.

OP (pounding on bedroom door): Daddy! Daddy open door!
Mommy (opening door): Daddy’s in the shower, he can’t open the door for you. Do you want to see him?
OP (runs into the room toward the TV): Watch Phineas and Ferb!

Setting: Any day of the week

Mommy: What does the doctor say?
OP: No monkeys!
Mommy: What does Grandma Tilde say?
OP: No elephants!
Mommy: What does Cookie Monster say?
OP: Me love cookies!
Mommy: What does *insert girl cousin’s name* say?
OP: Du’oh!
Mommy: What does *insert boy cousin’s name* say?
OP: Aaaaaa!

Unpacking the car.

Setting: At dinner

After eating, OP sits in her chair and coloring on paper and highchair tray. When she decides she is done, OP sprinkles water from her sippy cup onto the tray covered in crayon and proceeds to obsessively wipe the water with a napkin, removing all of the crayon marks.

Setting: Lounging on Mommy and Daddy’s bed while Mommy gets ready for work.

Mommy sits on the bed.
OP (looking at a beauty mark on Mommy’s leg): Boo boo. Mommy has boo boo. Kiss.
OP leans over and kisses the spot on Mommy’s leg.

Setting: Kitchen around dinner time

OP (yelling): Elmo’s World! Elmo’s World! Elmo’s World!
Daddy: Is she saying Elmo’s World?
Mommy: Yes. She’s singing the theme to Elmo’s World. Our kid sings now. You should hear her rendition of Rubber Ducky.

Setting: OP’s bedroom at bedtime

OP (yelling and waving her socks): Socks! Socks! Socks!
Daddy (Getting OP’s sleeve on)
OP: No socks.
Daddy passes OP’s socks back to her.
OP: Daddy, I said no socks.

Setting: Our house (there are some liberties here as I forget the specifics)

Daddy: Look at all the books, OP
OP: Books! One, two, three, four, five, six!
Daddy: Um, dear…she just counted the books in the room! Our daughter can count.

Higher, Mommy.

Since I can count now, Daddy, I feel that I should be allowed to drive. Can I have the keys?


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