CSA: The A stands for Awesome.

For the last few years, I have been asking the Husband to agree to buy into a CSA. Nay, begging. And every time I bring it up, he brings up some sort of logical concern about not being able to eat all the vegetables before they rot and why don’t I go to the farmer’s market and see if that will work before we shell out the money for rotting vegetables in the crisper.

There are days I wonder why I am still married to a man that uses reason so blatantly.

Then at the beginning of the year, a friend asked if we wanted to go on a share with them, splitting each week’s veggies more or less evenly. So with less veggies coming in, we could try the CSA without as much waste as we would most likely have with a full, 4-person share. Of course the Husband agreed. How could he disagree with that logic!?! It was fool proof. It was beautiful. Granted, I was ready to throw in a bike toy or something else for his crazy triathlon ways, but it didn’t come to that. Who’s sorry now, Husband?

Let me just say that I love my CSA and the Husband is right *pause to look for lightning, monsoons, or locust* we could not keep up with the full share. That’s a lot of veggies. What I love about our CSA is that I don’t have a choice in what I get. I get what’s given to me and I have to figure out what to do with it. It’s made cooking extremely interesting. So far I have roasted beets, which the Husband hates. So I looked for recipes that might work for him. So far this burger was a hit:

as were the Beet Donuts we made. Then there was drying spices, roasted kohlrabi, fennel orange salad (in the burger photo above), zucchini fritters, and oven baked sugar snap peas. Many veggies I would never ever buy in the real world either because I had never heard of them (kohlrabi, really? Is that a word) or one of us hasn’t liked it in the past.  Every Tuesday I get an email of what may be in the box and the recipe research begins. It’s so exciting, which may be more a commentary on my life at the moment. I mean, the idea of making zucchini fritters is exciting to me, more than going to the movies.

Maybe the Husband will say no next year to a 1/2 share just so I will go on dates again. Crap.


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