FO: Priscilla’s Dream Socks

Pattern: Priscilla’s Dream Socks
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces
Needles: US 1 & US 0


There is a local yarn store that every local knitter must visit at least once in their life. It’s not the yarn that makes it a great attraction, although the yarn isn’t bad. It’s the store itself. Imagine a 4 year old with a yarn addiction and a small space. If you are now picturing yarn mountains towering above you through an entire store with narrow trails from mountain to mountain, then you have the right picture. The place is nuts! The yarn is overwhelming and the little path from pile to pile is only enough to fit one person so if anyone else is in the store, then you have to perform a complicated dance just to pass each other while not falling into or under the yarn.

That said, it does have some very lovely yarn.


One day on a yarn crawl a few years back soon after a time of swearing I would not buy yarn, I went with friends on a yarn crawl and we stopped by the store. On the way out, we passed by a box of Lorna’s Laces and found extremely lovely yarn. I proceeded to buy 3 skeins of the yarn used in these socks and 3 for the Brown Diamond Waffle Socks from 2008 (Holy crap!!! 2008????). I left the store feeling like I had upset the person working for having the gall to buy 3 skeins of sock yarn. It wasn’t just me. Yarnkettle noticed it too. The lady was seriously pissed off that I had the gall to buy more than 2 skeins. Thank goodness I did, because the Husband has some seriously big feet and he likes his socks taller in the leg. I needed all three skeins.

After writing this, I just realized I’m writing about Yarnkettle a lot. I must be stalking her or something.


Anyway after years of hanging onto this colorway it was time to make socks for the Husband. Let me tell you, it took forever. After my last experience with Lorna’s lace, I knew I’d like the yarn and I did, but it was ridiculously small. I knit with a size 0 needle and it the tiny needle drove me and my hands nuts. It just wasn’t a completely fun experience. PLUS it took forever. The pattern is for short row heels and toes, something I had never done, and I found it relatively easy. It’s a good pattern and I think the only change I would make is to skip the Greek zig zag bind off and go with something more seamless. Then again, we’ll have to see how this wears before I fully decide. All that said, I’m quite happy with the finished product and the Husband agrees. Of course, he’s probably agreeing out of a healthy sense of fear to not piss me off.



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