All Quiet on the Sicko Front

Happy Pi day! Sadly, I did not have any pie to celebrate. Do hamburgers count? They’re round.

This has been one sick winter. OP has had 3 rounds of ear infections, all direct results from various day care illnesses. Of course, then she infected Daddy and Mommy, and we both ended up with ear infections. We were all on antibiotics last week. My ears are still funny and I haven’t been able to fully exercise yet. The elliptical today made me a little dizzy so no running this week I think, which is a shame because I was getting so close to a 30 minute 5k on the treadmill. That’s okay, I’ll start up again next week and get back on track. I’m learning in my old age that if you fall or if you stop,  you can always start again.

My favorite picture. She looks like a big kid.

Trying to look innocent after playing with Mommy's yarn and knitting book


Case in point, my Central Park Hoodie Sweater. I’ve finally finished the sleeve after 3 weeks of knitting, frogging, knitting, frogging. etc. My basic problem is even though I did a really good gauge swatch and even though my first inclination was correct, I had issues trusting the gauge, measurements, and pattern. Thankfully, I’ve cast off and I’m leaving the sleeve be unless it doesn’t fit in the sweater. Then I’ll rework it. I’m just not going to think about that right now.


Taking a break from cleaning the house.

I am amazed at how hilarious my daughter is. OP is just crazy funny. She thinks everything is hilarious and her little personality, that of an imp, is starting to show. She is very much her father’s daughter, always up to something. One of her favorite games is to pull my yarn out of the bin and hand it to me, take it a way, snuggle with it, hand it to me, and so on. I suspect we will have a knitter on my hands in a few years. I am definitely enjoying the whole parenthood thing. I’m sure I’ll have a different story when she’s a teenager.

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