Totally cramping YarnKettle’s Style

I have knitting workshops this weekend and you all need to feel bad for YarnKettle. She emailed me needing a second opinion on which workshops to take this weekend because she couldn’t decide. First mistake. I looked them over and fell in love with two of them–Yarn Voyage where you learn about yarn to make better choices and Travelling Stitches where you learn how to add curves and angles to your knitting. I told her those were the ones I would take if I did the workshop.

I wasn’t going to do the workshop because it costs money and I’m cheap.

Then I realized I really wanted to do them. I could make better choices with my knitting, shape garments, or even get some of the hat patterns bouncing around in my head out. And the bonus? They both used stash yarn!!! I decided I would take the classes. I told YarnKettle and she didn’t say no. Second mistake.

So the workshops are tomorrow. Wish me luck!


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