The Zozos

Pattern: Zozo
Yarn: Knit Picks Shine Sport
Needles: US 2

2010 was the year of the baby. Okay, I’m not sure if two babies warrants a year dedicated to babies, but I was blessed with both a niece and a nephew towards the end of 2010. Of course they needed a knit something. My nephew received two Zozo–a brother and sister named Bluelien and Greenly.

Waiting to get to their forever home.

Waiting to go to their forever homes

I felt that since the Sister lives in a place where it’s generally warm, a hat would not be the way to go; however, since my niece received both a turtle AND a hat, it wasn’t fair to knit my nephew one little alien. Plus they can keep each other company or help each other escape the terror of an infant.

I brought the toys with me on Christmas day, when I went to help the Sister (and her husband) with their new little boy.

Bluelian grabbing a strawberry yogurt parfait

Blulien enjoying a parfait before his flight.

Greenly enjoying a Chai before the flight

Greenly needs a Chai to get through the next few hours.

The nephew seemed to like them from the first. One would think that a 9 day old doesn’t understand such things at just over a week, but he is a genius so he really does know.


He held onto them right away and not because of the grasping instinct.


Send Help! Bluelien is going to be eaten!

It’s a really easy, albeit multi-step, pattern. I finished Greenly in less than a week. If I ever make another one, I’d be curious to change how some of the pieces are put together. Each finger is done separately and then combined to make the arm, for example, but maybe it would be easier done in the other direction so that the arm is made and the fingers come out from that. It would probably make the fingers have less personality, but it would make it all one piece so there’d be a lot less ends to weave in. Still, I really liked the pattern and recommend it.


Snuggling. Greenly thinks she'll like it here.


One thought on “The Zozos

  1. Please, please, please I want two of these for my own personal use. By personal use I am envisioning putting them in my office at work and using them a) on a good day giving them cute voices and imagining their adventures when I need a break or 2) therapeutically as voodoo dolls…

    Nonetheless we need to talk about this … money is no object. Well it really is but I thought maybe those words would push you over the edge.

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