Sucky Thumb Mitts

Pattern: Sucky Thumb Mitts
Yarn: Knit Picks Swish Worsted
Needles: US 7

So we left my last knitting project as the hat I had made a hat for OP. And she wore it. For the most part, but we started realizing we had another problem–her hands. The winter coat came with mittens and she doesn’t like them. They are HUGE and she can’t do anything with them. The Husband had a stroke of genius and asked why I couldn’t make hand warmers for her like I have for me. So I looked on Ravelry and found a pattern  I liked.


I finally got started on the pattern in San Francisco, and in a matter of days had two little hand warmers that were a little too big on the girl and not her most favorite thing in the world.  In fact, she’d scream any time I would try to put them on.


Of course, I’m a mean mommy who feels warm hands are important, so I added a piece of yarn to the bottom of each warmer to tie it tighter and made her wear the things. She’s still not happy and can still pull them off even with the ties, but she’s happy to play with them and that’s good enough for me. I’m happy just knowing her hands are warmer with these than without and she can still play with things or suck her fingers. Someday she’ll like them. Maybe when she’s 30.



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