A Christmas Miracle

It’s like a Christmas miracle around these parts for my loyal 3 readers. After barely posting for the last couple years, this is the fourth post for December AND I have a billion more project posts to add! Of course, if you don’t like project posts, then I’m sorry you were naughty this year and this is your coal.

In the beginning was OBSESSED with knitting. Anyplace I went I bought yarn because it was so very pretty. If I walked into a yarn store I turned into Gollum surrounded by precious rings made from every fiber and color you could possibly imagine. How could I not leave with yarn. Then I hit a point where I fell out of knitting. I still did it, but I didn’t live and breath the stuff. I still bought yarn because it was beautiful, but even that began to taper off eventually.

Now that I have a baby, you would think that I would be knitting even less than I was during my least interested point. Apparently not. I have knit more this year with a baby drooling underfoot than the last two years combined, if you can believe Ravelry and you can.

I don’t know what happened, but the odd thing is even though my knitting rate is increasing, I currently have no interest in buying yarn! I know! It very well may be a sign of the apocolypse, but I’m tired of having enough yarn to knit sweaters for the entire population of Rhode Island. I like using up what I have. I actually want to get rid of my enormous stash, and have a small manageable stash of one or two skeins. What’s wrong with me? I must be ill.

That said, I have bought yarn this year, but for specific patterns and oddly enough I’m using it almost as soon as I buy it. Between you and me, I like not having the yarn hang around too long. There’s much less pressure. Better still, I’ve gone through old yarn in various projects and it feels great! There’s a sort of relief to having the yarn stash decrease.

In the spirit of yarn decluttering, I’ve decided that for 2011, I can’t buy any yarn until our local yarn festival in September and Rhinebeck in October UNLESS I HAVE A SPECIFIC PROJECT I NEED YARN FOR, and I can only buy a specified amount of yarn that I determine in advance of the fests. For example, I can buy yarn for 2 pairs of socks or X skeins of yarn for a sweater with a pattern selected. No more buying sock yarn because it’s pretty or a yarn for a shawl or sweater I want to make some day. I will go in and buy something specific or not at all.

Of course, I am making the Husband come this year so he can help me (and he owes me for all the races I watch). I mean, you can’t expect a former yarn addict to walk into yarnvana and not fall off the wagon a little bit. I just want to continue this yarn purging. It feels good. I think maybe the next step is to inventory what I already own and get it figured out. Hmmmm…I may need spotters. Maybe this time next year I’ll have only 10 skeins of yarn total! Wait, I have a lot of yarn. Maybe this time in 15 years, I’ll have only 10 skeins of yarn total. A girl can dream.


3 thoughts on “A Christmas Miracle

  1. Keep the posts coming! I want project pictures when you have time. That is a bold declaration, that I in turn promise to never tempt you into buying.
    I think it is great to narrow down the things that own you. Things that become a burden rather than a joy. I also think that it is great to take the burdens and transform them rather than throwing them away.
    I’m looking forward to hearing more.

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