An apple a day

Eating an appleOP loves apples. It’s my fault. I was home alone with her when she was somewhere between 9 and 10 months. I was hungry and started eating an apple. Well, the look I received from this little eater was so intensely interested in my food, that I decided to let her “eat” the apple. I figured I would hold it to her mouth and if anything she would suck the juices. And that was mostly what happened, except she also scraped her little front teeth along the apple’s flesh and made a sort of apple sauce. I watched her very carefully and made sure she ate only the meat and not the skin. She did quite well at it.

The next weekend we were on our own again, and again I was hungry. Another apple came out and a happy little girl looked at it. Again, we shared. I ate a bite, she ate a bite. Only this time she gripped my hand so hard with the apple at her mouth and would not let go.  If I pulled my hand away, she growled like a starving feral wolf who just found an entire elephant to eat and I walked by. I had created a monster.

Grandma and grandpa gave her an apple to hold on her own. Best day ever in her little world, I think. Now she eats apples, with constant supervision like a champ. Scraping her little teeth along the meat to make applesauce and happy the entire time. Be careful to keep your hand away or she may bite it off.


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