The cursed sweater

IMG_1806Pattern: Cobbled together from multiple patterns
Yarn: Cascade 220
Needles: US 8

You’ve heard of the sweater curse for boyfriends, right? That’s where you knit your boyfriend a sweater and, after it is complete, you break up. There’s no definitive reason this occurs but it does. I suspect either the amount of time it takes to make a sweater is about right for an average relationship or she makes the ugliest sweater and he won’t wear it causing stress and ending the relationship. This is a cursed Husband’s sweater. The Husband and I are not breaking up (you hear me Husband) mainly because he’s locked in the basement. No, this sweater is cursed because I had to knit it twice.

The sweater is a top-down raglan knit in the round. For those not into knitting, that means, the sweater is made from the top down in one piece. As you knit the torso, you make live stitches that are later used to knit the sleeves. So, before the child was born, I began the torso. In the hospital while she slept in her little plastic box they give you, I knit the torso. I had the Husband try it on as we went, thanks to the benefits of knitting top down, and the sweater fit great. Then, at home with my little newborn baby, I began the first sleeve and as I had the husband try the sweater on with a partially finished sleeve, it no longer fit. Oh, the torso fit great, but the sleeves were HUGE. As far as I know, with a top-down raglan you can’t fix that without frogging back to where the sleeves are made. That was weeks if not months of work gone. So before I did that, I talked to my good friend at YarnKettle who has made a ton of these sweaters, and asked her opinion. It didn’t look good and I had to frog and start again.

The second time went much better. It’s a very simple sweater, but I figured out a lot of things I need to do for the Husband to get a sweater that fits how he likes. It’s a great start for future, more intricate top-down sweaters for him. He’s happy with it and plans to wear it soon which makes me happy. There’s nothing more annoying than spending time knitting something only to have the receiver hate it or not wear it. Then again, he hasn’t worn it yet…so maybe he won’t and then I’ll get upset and our marriage will be over! But then I’d loose the free computer skills he brings and he does kill bugs for me…hmmm…I think the marriage is safe.



3 thoughts on “The cursed sweater

  1. AH hahahaha the curse. I think there’s a curse on ALL knitted gifts for boyfriends. I refuse to knit a boy anything until we are married. No knitting before marriage!

    I need to attempt a sweater…I shall be brave….after Christmas knitting season.

    Good job on persevering!

    • I think no knitting until after marriage is excellent advice. Just dive into the sweater. It’s not that hard to do. You just really need to watch gauge.

  2. I don’t think five sweaters qualifies as a “ton”, but you may have me on a metric conversion error. I am glad I was able to help but sad that I did not have a magical fix for you. The sweater does look beautiful!

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