FO: Fir Cone Shawl

Pattern: Fir Cone Shawl
Yarn: Prime Alpaca Sport Weight from Times Remembered
Needles: US 8


Ravelry Page

IMG_1384At the last Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival I attended (two years ago), I bought way too much yarn. Shocker, I know. One of the millions of skeins I bought was Prime Alpaca Sport Weight from Times Remembered. I had planned to knit a sweater for the Husband with it. Unfortunately, a week later, after I came down from the yarn high, I found myself thinking that an alpaca sweater just wouldn’t work for the Husband. I mean, he wears sweaters but he’s not that hot and I’ve heard that alpaca makes for one hot sweater. So, the yarn went in my ginormous stash and sat there until, last August I decided to knit myself the Fir Cone Shawl from Folk Shawls.

The shawl took almost exactly a year to complete. At first, I put it down for other projects. Then I became board with the center part. Once I finished the center part, I had to figure out the edging and because it frustrated me, I put it down longer. Of course, there was a baby in there. But finally, finally I got it done.

Would you believe this is the first project I’ve completed in 2010. That is a sad state of my knitting right there.

After starting this, I noticed that I have made myself two sweaters that were gray. This shawl was gray. My next clothing item will have COLOR. This I swear. That said, I love this yarn. It’s soft and nice to touch. It knit up well and looks good as lace. The pattern, outside of a few questions I had to figure out, wasn’t too hard. I recommend it.

I haven’t decided if I’ve blocked it well. I think I may have done it a bit too softly; unfortunately, the only place big enough to block it is the basement. We’ve had mouse issues this past summer and I’m not 100% sure they aren’t down there. I would hate to take it off the blocking wires to find a mouse has eaten it. So softer blocking to make sure it’s not eaten. Fair trade, I think.

The only problem with the shawl? I realized after making it that I’m afraid to wear it. I’m not a shawl person to begin with, and I’m not the most aware person. What if I rip it or something? I’m going to have to make myself wear it, just not with the kid around. She will definitely ruin it.



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