Rant helment, on!

Always, always wear your helmet. Take a look at the Husband’s helmet to see why (there’s blood so if you have issues with blood, don’t look). Now imagine what would have happened had he not been wearing it. Maybe  there would be a little piece of the Husband’s brains waving and smiling on the road as you drove by. Maybe instead of being at work I would be home cleaning up his drool. Maybe he would be calling next year’s ironMan to get his money back because he’ll only be able to walk by then, let alone swim, bike and run. Maybe he’d be fine. I’m very glad he didn’t take that chance to find out.

I cannot tell you how many people I have seen biking without helmets in the last week. I saw 2 by 10:30 yesterday.  Heck, I saw a kid biking down the wrong side of a busy street without a helmet. I almost hit him because he was biking past the street exit and I didn’t see him until I turned the corner.

Of course you won’t be going 35mph so it wouldn’t be as bad or you only bike in your neighborhood. A few weeks ago one of the Husband’s friends got hit by a car on his bike. The car cut across two lanes of traffic to make a right and didn’t see him. Guess what? He was wearing his helmet and other than cuts and bruises was fine. Cars are driven by idiots. You can’t guarantee that they will always see you even if you are only going 5mph.

“Okay,” you say, “well I’m going to bike on a bike path.” Surely that will be safe without a helmet. There are pedestrians, bikers, skaters, and animals who are not always paying attention. Are you sure they won’t cut in front of you? It happened to a friend of mine this weekend. She was wearing a helmet just in case.

If you bike without a helmet then you are an idiot and I hope you do fall, because then you would decrease the surplus population.


4 thoughts on “Rant helment, on!

    • Yeah, he went to work today, the stitches come out next week, the bruising seems better, AND he can walk. I’m so so happy right now. Tired, but happy.

  1. I have the same rant going for motorcycle helmets. I have kept my helmet and scarred leathers to remind myself what might have happened. Thank you for your rant!!

    • Cathy,

      I have seen motorcyclists without helmets and I don’t get it! An accident could be so much worse and yet no helmet. People are so, so stupid sometimes. I’m glad you are okay after your accident.

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