Oh, right, I have a blog.

When I got pregnant, I thought to myself that I would be one of those annoying mommy bloggers and write letters to my daughter about all the wonderful things she did that month or at least post about every event in her life. Yeah, that didn’t happen. Instead, everything seemed to be more busy, which is to be expected when one has a baby, but I thought in the spare moments I have between work, the house, and the kid, I would think to post in my blog. Not so much. Instead I…um…I did something. Not sure what.

So where are we in life? Here are some updates in a nutshell.


IMG_0602OP is 7 months old! It’s a little weird to think that she’s 7 months already, but time marches on and all that. So far she rolls over, sleeps through the night, has two little teeth, sits up, LOVES food, and is almost crawling. She has figured out how to crawl on the bed but that entails her head as a third arm and just doesn’t look comfortable. To each his own, I guess. She has yet to figure out how to crawl forward on the floor.

Having this kid has been so wonderful. Everyone says its a lot of work but with a great return, and they are right. It’s a lot of work both with her and everything that she impacts, but I wouldn’t trade it in for anything. I think our family is perfect as a trio. Of course a duo was good too.

One of the hardest things to figure out with our little drooler was when to fit my time in. It’s a constant struggle for me to put myself first on occassion. The Husband has to force me out of the house to go to Zumba, but I need to do it. I have fun and I get an hour to be me and not mommy. I’m also starting to figure out how to fit in my hobbies. Which brings me to…


I have yet to finish a project all year! However, I have the Fir Cone Shawl off the needles and ready to block, and I’m now working on the Husband’s sweater which has been a comedy of errors. Okay, so looking back the sweater has been a comedy of errors. At the time it was a tragedy.

I’m working on a top-down sweater for the Husband. I had him try it on as I went and it was looking great. Until the sleeves. I got the first sleeve started after working on the entire torso and it didn’t look right. I asked my raglan-expert friend and she agreed. The sleeve was way too loose, especially compared to the rest of the sweater and there was no way to fix it without frogging the entire project. Which I did (ugh), and started the whole thing over. This time, I am knitting the sleeves BEFORE I finish the torso. It’s looking good. There has been a lot of ripping back as I go to get it right, but once I can figure out this pattern, I should be able to use it as a standard for most of his stuff. I’m just never doing the torso again until the sleeves are done.

My goal is to get the shawl blocking this week and have the sweater done by the end of August. After that? A lot of little projects. I think I have 10 in the basket.

I’m also not buying yarn unless it’s for a project I need to do right now. I have so much yarn that it’s getting ridiculous. I have *gasp* like 30 skeins of just sock yarn!!! Yeah. I need to cut that number down. Made by Hand projects should do it. Are you knitting a chemo cap for us this year?

Okay, that’s it for now. I have to save something so I post more often. And yes, I’m going to try very hard to post more often. Even if it’s little nothings about random crap. So, it sucks to be you.


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