Cooking for 3

OP helps me cook. And since she started helping, our meals have tasted even better (if that’s possible). She’s going to be a chef when she grows up. A triathloning chef.

“Who’s the Top Chef now, bitch!”

3 thoughts on “Cooking for 3

  1. hello!:)
    i saw a p1k1 hat pattern you have on your site….
    i did one on my own & am at the place where i want to do the crown shaping, i have 95 sts on the needle, ( i started on circs & will soon go to dpns)…here is my ?….
    i want to decrease if possible in pattern ( k1p1), so with 95 sts to go down to 8 sts…how do i do the decs? & do i do it every other row?etc…on your hat you had 80 sts,so with 95 sts, what would you advise.
    any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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