It’s the final countdown.

Well, we almost had a baby today. Maybe I should back up.

At my week 37 appointment (Dec 4) the nurse did all the 37 week tests. The baby’s head was down but not engaged, and while I was closed like Fort Knox, I was pretty well effaced. Have I grossed you out yet? At week 38  (Dec 11), the Doctor said the effacement number was an over-estimation in her opinion and the baby was breech. When did we want to schedule the C-Section? She wanted it this past week. I said no. I wanted to wait until 40 weeks to give OP time to turn. The doctor agreed that we would schedule the C-Section for my due date or after and wait until today’s appointment to see if she turned.

I was close to tears hearing all this. I’m not against a C-section if it’s necessary, but having it done this way, knowing it was coming was not what I ever wanted for a lot of reasons that I’m not going to go into here. We told a couple people but didn’t want to say too much until we knew more.

Anyway, today we went to my week 39 appointment to see if my C-section was on or if this kid finally developed a sense of direction. The Dr. came in, a different doctor from last week which is not unusual. We told the Dr. all about last week’s breech scare and that we needed to check her direction. She felt all around for OP and couldn’t find a head. The baby was decapitated! The heartbeat was in a lower position than last week so that was a very good sign. I got my full check (still not dilated) and off we went to the ultrasound machine where we learned that the doctors need a class on how to work the darn thing.

Anyway, the baby is, unfortunately, still breech with a head in pretty much in  the same place right next to my stomach. I’m not happy, but there’s not much we can do. The problem? The Dr. didn’t see enough amniotic fluid and wanted a second look. If the second look was bad, the baby as coming today. We were shipped to Labor and Delivery for a second look and possible delivery (with a stop at home for hospital gear just in case). We were admitted, given a room, and told to wait. A wheelchair-trip down to the ultrasound machine and a non-stress test later, and everything is fine and we were sent home.

A very crazy morning. On the plus side, the ultrasound tech confirmed a girl AND she’s a petite little thing according the the machine at 7lbs 3oz. The C-section is scheduled for my due date–Dec 21 at 10:30. We will be having a solstice baby.


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