FO: Widdershins

Pattern: Widdershins
Yarn: Ellen’s Half Pint Farm Yarn
Needles: US 2

These socks were cursed.


I started them as my European vacation project. Whenever I go on a trip I start a small project, one that isn’t bulky and is easy to cart around AND something that I’m not yet invested in should I lose it. Socks are perfect. Queue Widdershins. Except, as I mentioned, these were cursed.

I started knitting them only to have to rip out the heel because I mismeasured my foot. THEN my needles were confiscated by Hungarian airport security. Fortunately they didn’t see the packet of double points below the project. If they did, I would have totally pouted at the security guard. Note to self, never bring needles on a plane again. Just in case. Then I finished the first sock and put it on.

It. Didn’t. Fit.

I couldn’t pull it over my heel! Stupid stupid sock. You did that to spite me! I met gauge and everything! But alas, my heels are mutant heels or my measurements were off. Rather than cut off part of my heel (you laugh but I did consider it), I started a new sock on larger needles. This one fit and so I knit a third. Darn cursed socks.

But they fit and I like them. They fall down my leg like all my socks do (made and store-bought), but they are warm and comfy. Plus, they jump-started my knitting malaise and I’ve been knitting much more ever since. Not that you can tell from my lack of knitting posts here.

I do have to say, I love the yarn at Ellen’s Half Pint Farm. The colors are bold, it knits well, and isn’t scratchy in the slightest. If you ever see them at a yarn show, I highly recommend picking up a skein to try. Bonus: I have a little bit more yarn left. Possibly enough to knit a baby hat.



7 thoughts on “FO: Widdershins

  1. The socks are still cursed, you referenced the wrong yarn at the beginning. You mean Ellen’s Half Pint Farm Yarn right? For some reason my screen says Lorna’s Laces. Curse or no curse they are beautiful!

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