Nursery work has begun

IMG_9307We’ve started the nursery. You can check out the progress at our flickr site. It’s been a long process.

We decided to convert our guest room, with the hideos original wallpaper and paint, to the baby’s room. We started with the idea that we would do mostly butter-colored walls with a purple accent wall. Then we changed our minds and went all purple. The idea was to go with a room that could grow with her instead of one that would be outdated in 2 years.

Now, I’m not one for frilly, girly things, but something about this kid being a girl has turned on the girl. That and the fact that we found the girliest pulls and nobs for the dresser. Once we found those, we started going with “Pretty Purple Princess” as the theme to the room.

IMG_9570Unfortunately we had to shut down progress for 2 weeks because we had workers in the room and painting space. See, our windows are old and, well, suck. They are drafty and hard to open. We decided to just take the plunge and replace the windows. Oh, and while we were at it, let’s improve our insulation. Unfortunately, if we added insulation, we ran the risk of starting a fire because of our original lights, so we had to replace the lights.

Two weeks later and we were able to start back in on the room. We’re far from done, but you can check out the progress. I think we can get it done in time. If not, hey, she has a bed and storage. That’s all you can ask for. Well, maybe curtains. Curtains would be nice.


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