30 weeksA few weeks back I was trying to fall asleep. Laying in bed at some ungodly hour of the night I started to feel movement, not just random movement, but a furious attack. Over and over OP kicked or punched or headbutted the evil fiend. Over and over I felt her rage against her enemy. I turned over hoping to dislodge her from her attack, and it worked for about five minutes when she readjusts herself and launches the attack anew.

What enemy, you ask? The mattress. Apparently the mattress has made a grievous offense towards Optimus Prime and now almost every night, she must show that mattress a lesson. I imagine that little OP talks to the mattress every night and says, “So mattress. We meet again.” or something to that effect. Something dramatic and Stewie-like. But then something has to keep me amused as I lay there night after night, caught in the middle of this epic battle.

And before you comment to tell me why she’s attacking the mattress, I suspect it’s because I’m sleeping on my side and it’s pressing in on her space. Which is actually a good segue way into the next topic up for discussion.

The Husband has a new game around these parts. Occasionally, was we watch TV, Optimus Prime starts moving around. Being the good wife trying to make the Husband feel a part of this pregnancy I notify the Husband so he can feel if he wants. Over the last week or two, he has started to play a game with his daughter wherein he pokes her back. It is absolutely hilarious. I get a kick from her and an answering poke from him in the same place. She pauses a moment and then usually kicks (or punches) back. Lather, rinse, repeat. She doesn’t always get it, but more and more she pokes back. They are bonding. Through my stomach. No bruises yet, but give it time.


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