Baby Questions

I know, I’ve been writing a lot about the baby on the way. I promise, I’ll start to calm it down a bit. I hope. Until then, here’s another burning question that my three readers are just dying to know.

Wait, you are now calling OP a she, does that mean it’s a girl?

I have been reading voraciously on the topic of pregnancy trying to understand every nuance, because I’m obsessive. So of course I’m on an online pregnancy community.  One of the topics a few weeks back was a rant. Apparently the poster, unaware of the sex of her baby, refers to the baby as a “she.” Apparently the coworker was offended. “What if the baby is a boy?” she asked, “Then you’d make him gay!” Roll with me for a bit, I’m getting to the point.

Let’s put aside the absurdity of this statement for a moment. Think about the implications of the statement. If the baby was a girl and was referred to as a “he,” then, by the same logic, the baby would be a lesbian. Therefore, if you change the gender you deem your child, what will it then become? I don’t know either, so I decided what better way to find out than to switch what I called Optimus Prime every week. Think of the papers I could write!

So either you want to hit me or laugh. I’m good with either. I’ve been switching what I call little OP every week. This week he’s a she and next week she’ll be a he. It’s simply because I don’t want to get married to a single sex and then be disappointed and people look at you funny when you call her an it. Sorry, I’m not more deep.


3 thoughts on “Baby Questions

  1. I haven’t read your blog in awhile…since I stopped blogging, myself! LOL—lo and behold, I pop on here and BAM! You’re pregnant too! I’m 23 wks today with another little girl….just thought it was funny that I popped back on here after sooooo long and you’re preg too! Congrats!

  2. Sorry it took so long to get back to you…I’m all pregnant and have the stupid brain thing going right now…I FORGOT that I responded until TODAY. *sigh* I’m OFFICIALLY due on Dec 13th…but I just discussed it w/the doc and he’s going to do another csection on Dec 4th…so not too much longer….thank you, LORD!!! I’m soooo ready for this to be OVER! I love the babies…HATE being prego! Good luck!

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