Don’t write me off just yet.

Last week I had my 16 week check-up for little OP. Yes, that means I’m currently at 17 weeks. And yes, that means I’m almost to the halfway point! That’s 20 weeks, for those of you who don’t know.

I heard the heartbeat during my appointment, and let me tell you, it was the most beautiful sound in the world only because I was convinced that Optimus Prime’s All Spark had been snuffed out. The Husband tried to tell me that the All Spark is strong and not to worry, but I’m finding that up to this point most of pregnancy is worry. First you worry in the first trimester because you are cramping a lot which must mean that a loss is eminent. Then, the morning sickness begins to wane, but there’s no movement yet so it must mean something bad. Then, the week before my appointment, my stomach got smaller. Most likely that’s due to the fact that the uterus has moved around a bit, I wanted to eat healthy foods again, and that I had energy to finally exercise. But still. Smaller tummy, no movement, no sickness…must mean no OP. The spark is gone! No, the all spark is strong! No, it’s gone! I’m a worrier so expect a few more months of me freaking out. My poor husband.

As I said, I heard the heartbeat at the appointment, and it was the most beautiful sound. Until it would stop. The triathlete was apparently in training and moving all around. I suspect it was a swim practice and not biking or running. Obviously she has no bike, and I don’t think there is a uterine bike shop as of yet. That comes in the 6th month. And I think at this point running is just swimming a different stroke. The poor doctor was moving the Doppler across my belly to capture the heartbeat. She would find it only for little OP to move again. But it was there. It was strong, and that’s all I needed to hear. My little triathlete. *sigh* Help me!

The doctor asked if I wanted the gender scan at 18 or 20 weeks. I, possibly stupidly, said 20. I may have surprised her since from the pregnancy boards I’m on, women want any ultrasound they can get as soon as they can get. Instead I’m all, “Let’s wait because 20 weeks is just so much better. Blah blah blah.” But here’s the thing. 20 weeks is my birthday week, and I’ve been very superstitious during this pregnancy. My first appointment was on my parents’ wedding anniversary so I want to continue the theme as much as possible. Plus, how great would it be to find out the gender for my birthday. Therefore, I will wait until August 6 (the day after my birthday, but still), and hopefully have a lovely little present. Then I will decide if we do an Optimus Prime theme or an Arcee one.

That’s right, husband, be proud I remembered the girl Transformer’s name.

And no. I’m not doing a transformers theme for the nursery. That would be weird. Of course, when I go into labor you can bet there will be a post that Optimus Prime has transformed and rolled out. If only it were that easy.

So, I’ve been getting questions about this pregnancy. If you have any you would like answered, unless I feel it’s TMI, ask it in the comments. I’ve already been asked:

  • Why do you call the baby Optimus Prime?
  • Wait, you are now calling OP a she, does that mean it’s a girl?
  • I thought you didn’t want kids.

I plan to answer those questions so you don’t need to ask them. Okay, I need to check on dinner so this is all you get for today.


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