The farther you run. The more you recall.

The Husband has signed up for a lot of races this summer, and while it’s annoying for me as a spectator who must wait hours for him to finish, I’m very proud of him for setting these challenges for himself. With a baby on the way, a lot of people have said that he will have to give it all up. I disagree. I think he needs to keep it up as much as he can.

While I hate the name, we are in the grips of an “Obesity Epidemic” in this country. Don’t believe me? Go to the mall and look at the people. Look at the kids. So many are overweight or obese. I agree that we come in all sizes and that some of us are prone to a larger size, but there is difference between a large frame and a 7-year-old boy with jiggling breasts. And with little Optimus Prime on the way I worry about the best way to teach her about being healthy without turning into an obsessive eater/anorexic/bulimic/whatever. I do agree that lecturing to someone is not the way to go, it will either turn them off or trigger an overreaction, but I have to believe that there is a way to keep your kids healthy.

After long talks with the Husband (because I talk everything through much to his repeated annoyance) I think the one of the best ways to teach your child is by example. Instead of a lecture go out and be active, pick broccoli over fries at dinner, eat reasonable portions, and, yes, have an occasional cookie. I want the Husband to run, bike, or swim as much as he can, not because I want to get rid of him and then make the child to love me best. On the contrary, I want him to show little OP that being active is part of life, that you need to make time for exercise, and that it can actually be fun. Don’t think I will be sitting on the couch watching TV. While I’m fortunate enough to work at a college where I can exercise at lunch, I still plan to do some workouts at night even if it’s to just go for a walk.

I have to admit that I’m looking forward to just getting Optimus Prime involved. We plan to buy a running stroller so the Husband can take her running, and I actually want to run with them! I think it would be fun to run as a family especially if the mad runner gets the stroller handicap. Of course, that could just be hormones talking. With two working parents we’ll need to get in whatever quality time we can with Optimus Prime and why not do it by getting off our butts and going for a hike or a bike ride?

The best laid plans don’t always work so I may end up with a 7-year-old boy with jiggling breasts, but I think it’s better to go down fighting than with a soda in one hand and a TV remote in the other. And I know all of you with kids will scoff and say, “Wait until it’s your turn. You’ll change your mind. You’ll be so tired that you won’t want to do anything” And you know what? I really hope you are wrong.


One thought on “The farther you run. The more you recall.

  1. I absolutely, whole-heartedly agree with you. Continuing the running/biking, etc with children can be challenging, at times, but is worth it, in the end. One of the best parts about my husband running when the kids were really little was that he took them with him in the stroller (or on the bike, when he rode). At times, it was the only break I would get, and it was much appreciated. On top of that, they get to grow up thinking that exercise is a normal part of daily life.

    Added bonus, if things got really stressful around the house, I always knew I could send him off for a run, and he would come back more relaxed and able to dive right into the craziness of family life. :)

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