It’s the end of the world as we know it…

So this is old news for some people, but there you go. Not much goes on in my life.

The first sign of the apocalypse is upon us because I’m pregnant. I know, run for your lives! I’m due on December 21 which is 4 days before my late Dad’s birthday. AND since my biggest craving has been Fritos–one of Dad’s favorite chips–I expect to give birth to my dad. Hopefully the baby doesn’t come out wearing glasses because I believe that will hurt.

A lot.

Currently, I’m at 13 weeks, the beginning of the second trimester. The morning sickness has been annoying but not terrible. I’m mostly just exhausted and my stomach is sour some of the time. Oh, and I’m always hungry. There are times when I could easily eat the population of Luxembourg and then go to Belgium for seconds. Except when we were in Europe a few weeks ago. In Europe I felt great. It may be all the pork and cabbage I ate. Who knows.

Through all this the Husband has been fabulous. He’s run out at night to get me a brownie when I was dying for one, and hasn’t made too much fun of the weird foods I’ve been craving (like honey and peanut butter sandwiches.) Plus, he hasn’t run away to Canada like he always said he would.


I am of course dutifully posting belly pics and ultrasounds for anyone who cares to see.

So be sure to store plenty of water and canned goods in your home to survive the apocalypse when it does come!


4 thoughts on “It’s the end of the world as we know it…

  1. Uhm correct me if I am wrong, but glasses are relatively small compared to the baby. I don’t thing glasses are of the greatest concern to you. Now if the baby emerges and says pull my finger like some dads then you should be concerned.

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