Hats, hats, and more hats

Let’s see, it’s May. The bunny hat was completed in December and the blue hat was done in January.  I think I’m doing well!

First, I give you the bunny hat:


It’s named the bunny hat because the yarn was provided by a little bunny. See the true genius that I am? I think so far out of the box it’s not even funny. Anyway, the yarn is from a friend at work who bought it at a local farm and even met the bunny. Then she found out she was allergic to the yarn. Her loss is completely my gain, because let me tell you this yarn is completely and utterly my gain. It’s like knitting with heaven coated in pure love and utter softness. I have a skein and a half to use up and I can’t wait.

The hat took a day during a trip to New Jersey and I don’t have any specifics on it. It was a demo hat for a pattern I had in my head. The pattern hat is here:


I call it the blue hat. Because it’s blue. I tell you! Genius! It’s made with Plymouth Yarn Suri Merino and I have a pattern coming in another post. The pattern isn’t fully tested yet, but I figure that I will get it out there anyway.


I just have one more project to photograph and post, and then I am finally up-to-date. What is with that!?! I think I’ll wait to post until, oh, I don’t know. September? Does that work?


7 thoughts on “Hats, hats, and more hats

  1. Beautiful hat. I love the pattern on the top and the rim.
    I’m new to knitting. I have been searching for a pattern I can make for my daughter’s 25th birthday. So, I have seen a LOT of hats.I have not seen anything so unique as your hat. Great job you should be very proud to produce such a hat.

    • Sorry for the delay. I’m finding it hard to get to the computer now with a 3 month old. The bunny hat is the same pattern but with garter stitch for the brim instead of what’s in the pattern.

  2. I made your hat in a couple of evenings, just finished it this lazy Christmas afternoon! I’m having some trouble with the K2K abbreviation. I knit 2 tog, k1 until I had 7 st left. Is this correct? My top doesn’t look as nice as yours does.

  3. I tried to find Plymouth Yarn Suri Merino I could not.. What weight category should I buy? Plus, my daughter cannot use wool what other types of yarn would work? Thanks for your help. cmap

    • I would recommend a worsted weight. I redid the pattern at https://kisknit.wordpress.com/2011/10/23/marcies-epilogue/ where I double-stranded Lamb’s pride to make it really warm.

      Most non-wool yarns would work. I would think an alpaca would really make the hat soft and warm, but it may stretch a bit. The white hat is done in bunny. A bamboo could work if she can’t wear any animal fibers, and there are some acrylics out there that are nice. Were it me, however, I’d go with alpaca or bunny.

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