FO: Clapotis

Pattern: Clapotis
Yarn: Bamboo, Merino Wool, and Silk from Maple Creek Farms
Needles: US 7

I have wanted to make Clapotis since I first saw the pattern. I can rock many an outfit, look adorable in a tee and jeans, or just look fierce if I so choose, but throwing something like Clapotis into the mix and I’m about as stylish as Ma Clampet on pig slaughtering day. So Clapotis was thrown into the “to make someday” pile and not really thought of again. Until San Francisco.


When we went to visit Shana in SF I realized that if I were to live in San Francisco there would not only be massive amounts of crankiness but I would need a lot of things to cover my neck thanks to a semi-persistent wind. At least from what we observed while we were there. Now I have learned to put two and two together, on occassion, and by adding the wind to the fact that Shana would completely look fabulous and know how to wear a scarf/shawl, I realized the sum was to make Clapotis for Shana. Finally! An excuse.


So I began knitting, and I have to say, it’s a really nice pattern. It is extremely easy but it doesn’t look it to the non-knitter. And, quite honestly, it’s fun to drop stitches on purpose, which may be more of a reflection of my lack of life than the pattern.



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