FO: Fetching


On the needles

Pattern: Fetching
Yarn: Kanji by Artfibers
Needles: US 4

Happy New Year!!!!! I’m starting out 2009 by posting projects from 2008. I know you are extremely jealous. I have about four projects from 2008 that I’m going to try to get up in the next week. We’ll see if that actually happens.

So the first project from the latter half of 2008 is (*drum roll*) Fetching, which everyone and their granny has done, but I really liked the pattern and it was very easy. It’s a very good introduction into wrist warmers or gauntlets or whatever else people want to call them.

The yarn, however, is yummy. It’s soft bamboo and the color is intense. I almost captured it in the pictures. Love it. I think it’s holding up well after a few wearings. It’s a little shaggy but not overly bad. If I could, I would marry this yarn and have little projects with it.




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