Ever just have a day when you know you should have simply stayed in bed and hid? That would be today. I just have to get through a few more hours of work and then I can go hide.

So my computer died a few weeks ago. It had been going for a while. To edit and post an image took about an hour and everything else on the system didn’t have enough resources while my poor computer tried it’s best to do what I wanted. It was terribly annoying. The new computer is amazing! I don’t think it’s a high end system, but it just has space and RAM and it’s like heaven. Now instead of taking a week to go through images from an event, it’s taking a lot less time. I’m really hoping I can get through the backlog by the end of 2008.

And how weird is that? We are almost at the end of 2008. Wasn’t it just March? I want my year back!


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