Self Portrait

I received a new mac at work. I am not a mac person, but am trying to learn the system so it really was important that I spend some time on Friday messing around with the different programs. Seriously, it was. It was even important that I mess around with the mactop camera. My favorite picture I took:

Photo 7

Self Portrait

As you can see that was a very productive use of my time. All sarcasm aside, it was good to spend some time to learn my little mactop. I’m liking him.

Where have I been? I’ve been sick. I’ve felt like I was getting the flu and had no energy to do much of anything. Still I had so much to do with work and at home that my poor little blog suffered as it often does. Not that anything terribly exciting happened anyway. No aliens landing or millions won.

We did, however, have our basement finished. We’ve become curmudgeony in our old age and realized we needed a space where our friends’ kids could go and we wouldn’t have to worry about messes. That said, I really like the basement and now don’t know if I want kids down there. Oh the irony.

Here are all the basement photos if you are interested.

Here are all the basement photos if you are interested.

I think that is all for tonight. I do have photos of some Whoopie Pies I made early last week that were yummy. In the meantime, I need to figure out why I’m smelling vomit. Is that weird?


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