Tales from the Kitchen

I remember making Monkey Bread once or twice as a kid. Although, back then I called in Monkey Balls because I thought that was hysterical. What can I say? I was into potty humor.

Anyway, I was looking through my recipe binder in search of a cake. All my books had failed me because I didn’t have eggs and every cake the Husband would eat required eggs. So when I stumbled on this, I was sold.

It was unbelievably easy to make and the Husband loved it, which is really important in my baking. His love of your baking may not be your top priority. I don’t know why it’s not, but to each his own I guess.


The recipe in my mom's handwriting


Mixing the batter


Little balls o'dough


Fresh out of the oven


Out of the pan and onto the plate


With a glaze I decided to add at the last minute. It was a good glaze but not what I wanted.


2 thoughts on “Tales from the Kitchen

    • Thanks! It really was. We’ve been making Monkey bread more and more because it’s so easy and fast. I highly recommend it.

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