FO: Other Person’s Socks

Pattern: None
Yarn: unknown
Needles: US 3


I work with a woman named Pat. She is a strong, smart, no-nonsense kind of woman who has become a sort of second mother to me. When I first met Pat four years ago she had just started to knit. She wasn’t unfamiliar with yarn since she started out in crochet.


Pat took a beginner’s sock class and then suffered from the common sock disease–one sockitis. You all know that disease where you knit the first sock and then lose steam never making the second. Pat finally gave up and gave me the yarn and sock to do with as I pleased. I was quite pleased to make a second sock and give them to Pat as a surprise.


Let me tell you, it was a pain to match my gauge to hers. Size 4s were too big, 3s were too small, and unlike that darn little Goldilocks, nothing was just right. I opted for the smaller gauge and added extra stitches. It’s not perfect and I see a lot of things I would have done differently in hindsight, but overall I’m very happy with the sock and even happier that Pat liked them, which is what is important.


Now I need to figure out my next project.


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