Oreos are fruit of the gods

I’ve started baking lately. That’s not to say I didn’t used to bake. I did bake on occasion but it was somewhat rare. I enjoyed baking but I never felt that good at it and hated cleaning up after. Then I made Daddy’s Chocolate Cake which I don’t think I mentioned here.

Growing up we had a special cake we made for everything but because it started out as a cake made solely for my Dad’s birthday, it was dubbed “Daddy’s Chocolate Cake” (we were nothing if not creative namers). I made the cake part and the Sister made the icing. I could never ever master the icing. It was lumpy like cottage cheese, runny, or just plain weird. Then I realized if I did this and that, I could get the cake to work. And it did! Work I mean. I mastered the icing. I was a baking god! I was Betty F’n Crocker!

Daddy's Chocolate Cake

Daddy's Chocolate Cake

Since then I’ve wanted to explore my new-found baking mastery! I’ve done cookies and cakes. I’ve made ganache and whipped cream. All these things would have made me pause before but now I just go barging in. It’s very weird how if you accomplish one seemingly impossible thing, everything seems a bit more doable.

Anyway, Monday night I made home made oreos. Let me tell you…Holy, holy crap these suckers are good. Better yet, they are pretty easy to make. Yes, there are a couple steps–make the cookie, make the center, and combine–but it is so worth it. The centers alone will make you want to make a big vat, put on your favorite bathing suit, and dive in open mouth first. So darn good.


Oreo Cookies

I’m trying to photograph more of my baking attempts. Mainly because it’s sort of fun and I’m obsessing. Right now I have monkey bread in the oven. If it turns out well, I will post! Maybe I will post anyway just to have something to write about. Goodness knows I’m on a roll lately.

2 thoughts on “Oreos are fruit of the gods

  1. I am addicted to baking. It is so much easier to please people with baked goods than actual meals. :)

    Those oreos look super-good.

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