I’d save every day like a treasure and then, again, I would spend them with you

Well, I didn’t write more about the Husband and I when I said I would, but I have some time now so here I go.

As I mentioned on Friday we first met over the summer, but in reality we forgot about that fateful day until years later. We met again on the first weekend of our freshman year. My roommate Sara met a boy named Rich in class and they became friends. Saturday, after the first week of classes, a bunch of new friends went out and among those friends was the Husband who lived across the hall from Rich. Let me just say that I had no romantic interest in the Husband at that point. He was this sweet, goofy boy who was the other half of my brain. I found him cool and interesting but he was like a brother to me and that’s the way things stayed through Freshman year.

legSophomore year things changed. Over the fall semester, I started noticing more in the Husband. I think it was because he was growing his hair out or maybe I was just getting smart. Either way, I started crushing on the boy. He started had been throwing bricks my way for a long time but I didn’t notice (and by bricks I mean he bought me a black rose that he apparently looked for everywhere on Valentines day Freshman year, he invited me to the movies, made me dinner, etc.). I had such a low estimation of myself at the time that I never thought anyone would ever be interested in little old me.

Then one night in February he finally told me he liked me and I basically ran away for the weekend without telling him in return. Hey! I was a’skeered but I told him by the end of the weekend thus ending his torment and suffering. And so we began dating. Well, sort of. We actually spent the first two weeks staring at each other from across the room wondering what to do with each other. It was our awkward period.

Three months later we were engaged. Yes, we were still sophomores. A lot of people were shocked and many told us it wouldn’t last and that we barely knew each other. They were very, very wrong. Two years later we were married.

Now we’ve been together for ten years. Honestly, I am in shock. I can’t believe such a wonderful, thoughtful, caring man would still want to be with a crazy, cranky, stubborn girl like me. I cannot imagine my life without that boy and I hope that we have eighty more years together that are just as good as these last ten were.



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