I should know about this

Ages ago I made the short Short Row Rib Scarf off magknits. It’s an awesome pattern but sadly Magknits when the way of the Dodo and was no longer available online. People seriously loved that pattern and kept asking me if I had a copy. Um…have you seen how much of a flake I am? Okay, you probably haven’t, but I am and I tend to not keep things even though I probably should for future reference.

Let me insert here. My job is in the Web. I am supposed to know everything about anything Web. Or at least look it up and learn it when I don’t. One of the sites I know about it is Archive.org and it’s handy-dandy Wayback Machine. (Bonus points if you know where that name comes from)

I had forgotten about using Archive.org as a resource for missing Magknits patterns until the lovely Sapna (at least I’m assuming is lovely) reminded me of the site and helpfully linked to the Short Row Rib Scarf pattern in the comments. So for anyone in love with Magknits or that particular pattern, have hope and check out the link.


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